"A Caring Hand"

Newly married and eager to begin a new phase of his life, it was totally unexpected when 35-year-old Bryan’s vision became partially affected as a result of a stroke. Wanting to find the best suitable support for his recuperation, his loved ones decided on a private in-home care service offered by Comfort Keepers.

On the first day, expecting a female caregiver, they were pleasantly surprised when 59-year-old professional caregiver, David Loke, showed up. “There are common perceptions that women are better at cooking, cleaning and caring,” shared David with a smile. However, he breaks these stereotypes as he keeps the home tidy, whipping up nutritious meals for Bryan, in addition to providing home medical care (e.g., eye care, blood pressure monitoring, etc.) and companionship every weekday. Comfort Keeper’s policy of male caregivers attending to male clients also prevents any discomfort should clients require assistance with bathing and changing.

David joined Comfort Keepers in July 2012 after hearing about the position through Hougang Job Hub. Having had personal experiences caring for a stroke patient, he understood the importance of good caregiving. David attended an intensive six-day training course at Comfort Keepers in caregiving skills and basic medical knowledge, before caring for his first client.

David said, “The main challenge is being able to win the trust of our clients, making them feel at ease and building the family’s confidence in us. To do this, we have to be genuine and sincere.”

Despite the 24-year age gap, Bryan and David have bonded quickly. They now go for neighbourhood walks together, exchange cooking notes and chat like old friends. Bryan added, “We can also share jokes that I wouldn’t be able to with a female caregiver.” David said delightedly. “At times, he even calls me daddy!”

A Caring Hand' - As part of the home care offered, David cooks Bryan’s meals, provides simple housekeeping and home medical care.

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