ach Comfort Keepers client has unique care needs. That is why we offer a full range of in-home services – to tailor care plans that provide our senior and other adult clients the right amount and types of help to support independent living at home. These senior home care services are provided by the special caregivers we call Comfort Keepers, to promote independent living to its fullest.

Examples of our senior care services include:

Companionship and Homemaking services

Conversation and companionship

Whether it’s conversation and company, or just eating a meal together, having someone to sit and visit with can help make for a happier, healthier life.

Light housekeeping

Vacuuming, dusting, sweeping and mopping floors, cleaning bathrooms – including sinks, showers, tubs and toilet – cleaning kitchens, sinks, appliances, counters, emptying rubbish bins, straightening all rooms, organizing cupboards, wardrobes and drawers.

Laundry (for elderly/use washing machine only)

This can be done either in the client’s own home or at the Laundry, and includes washing, drying, ironing and putting things away.

Special Diet/Meal Preparation

Many senior citizens do not have the opportunity to eat a well-balanced meal. Let our caregivers prepare a hot, delicious, nutritious meal. This service gives our clients the opportunity to make sure they eat the nourishing meals they need to enjoy healthier living.

Incidental Transportation

Taking clients to medical appointment, barber shops, beauty salon, shopping or whatever else a client wants to go.
Getting senior out and about is good for mind, body and soul.

Medication Reminders

Although our caregivers cannot administer medication, they can assist by opening medication containers or medpaks, reading labels and reminding the person to take their medication.

Grocery shopping

Caregivers will shop with or without the client accompanying them. They can shop at any store the client prefers.

Respite Care (Short-term care)

Rest and relief for family members who are assisting with the care of their loved ones. Comfort Keepers can provide assistance so you can enjoy quality time together, go shopping or just get some much-needed rest.

Periodic Review With Family

Rest and relief for family members who are assisting with the care of their loved ones. Comfort Keepers can provide assistance so you can enjoy quality time together, go shopping or just get some much-needed rest.

Personal Care Services


Comfort Keepers help clients look and feel their best. These services enhance clients’ mental as well as physical well-being, helping them feel positive about their appearance. Bathing not only cleanses the skin, but goes deeper to refresh the spirit, provide relaxation and stimulate circulation.

Toileting / Changing Diapers

Comfort Keepers compassionately and sensitively care for seniors and other adults, helping them maintain dignity and self-esteem as they receive help with the activities of daily living. Through this caring approach Comfort Keepers help to lessen clients’ embarrassment associated with the loss of independence related to incontinence and need for toileting assistance.

Grooming& Dressing Guidance

We can help fasten buttons, tie shoe laces, put on socks, wash & comb hair, etc.

Transferring& Positioning

Comfort Keepers are trained to move and place clients in correct posture position to promote health and safety and proper functioning of the body’s many systems. Proper transferring and positioning from or into beds and chairs eliminate pressure areas on the skin, reduce weakening and stiffening of muscles, and encourage proper breathing, digestion and elimination.

Oral Hygiene

Incontinence Care

Dementia Care

Many of the Comfort Keepers offices provide elder care for clients that are experiencing symptoms of dementia.  Some clients may experience momentary confusion or lapses in memory, but others are dealing with advanced stages of dementia conditions.  For those that provide this specialized care, specially trained Comfort Keepers will provide activities that can improve a person’s quality of life such as music and other activities to stimulate the senses.

Post-Operation Care

Nursing Care Services


Wound Dressing

Change Catheter